Business Transformation

Rapid changes in an organization’s ecosystem create misalignments between the requirements of clients and business partners and the established business processes.

Business process optimization allows realignment while optimizing your business processes in order to be more efficient, streamline your business, and monitor your key performance indicators.

Optimizing business processes does not always mean they need to be redesigned. In the field of BPM (Business Process Management), two methodologies are opposed; a bottom-up and a top-down approach involving a more or less heavy adaptation of your business processes. We do not oppose the two approaches but offer modules that allow you to integrate these methodologies over your needs and your constraints.

Intregra-co is offering a comprehensive approach to:

  • Analyze your existing business rules and processes
  • Measure
  • Identify areas needing optimization
  • Simulate different process scenarios
  • Design and Implement Business Proceesses that tie together human tasks and automation
  • Automate processes (workflow) that were performed manually
  • Monitor in real-time to address potential problems and bottlenecks

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White Paper  - Motivations et caractéristiques d'une plateforme BPM. (in French - Translation to come soon)